So who else thinks nutrition is blown way out of proportion and is way simpler than we make it out to be?

If you want to make changes in your nutrition, lose weight, (but not lose your mind)…

Eat real food, not too much of it, mostly plants and protein.

That’s it. I could end the post right here.

And if you are someone who sweats the details, please stop.

I’ll summarize the above statement as briefly as I can…

To begin, very few nutritionists would argue the statement:

Eat real food, not too much of it, mostly plants and protein.

It involves some part of all the popular diets of today.

It’s just real food and the nutrients you need.

In terms of meals, I think optimal nutrition for most people looks like this:

  • Breakfast – 1-2 palms of protein + 10 nuts
  • Lunch – 1-2 palms of protein + your cupped hand of a healthy carb or fruit + veg
  • Dinner – the same as lunch

For lunch and dinner add a thumb of fats (either cooking your food in coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil or add a 1/4 of an avocado. Add some balsamic vinegar or vinegar to one of your meals to improve insulin sensitivity and processing of carbs.

And do it consistently, despite how you feel and your mood.

What about cheat meals (or REFUEL MEALS)?

IF need to lose 50 or more lbs have a cheat every 14 days.
If you need to lose 10-49 lbs have a cheat every 7 days

If you are hungry with this meal frequency eat more protein, or fill up more of your plate as protein. Do not exceed the carb portion.

This is how to eat for fat loss and optimizing your body composition for the rest of your life.

It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

Really good nutrition is simple.

There is no finish line.

Get after it,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS
Boxing x Strength Training

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  1. Mandy Parrish November 17, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Guilty of over thinking it all, but with your simplified version to making the right choices I can see this way of eating fitting into my busy work & social life, its given me the ‘I CAN DO THIS’ that I really need, thanks Josh your the balls!!!

    • Josh Saunders November 19, 2018 at 5:54 pm

      Glad I could help Mandy!

      All the best.

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