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This boutique Langley gym is going to show you how to build a lean, toned, athletic body while falling in love with fitness.

LVFiT is the high intensity fat loss workout utilizing the 1-2 punch of boxing and strength training.

1 session and you’ll be hooked on the most fun and positive group personal training atmosphere you will ever experience.



This is a group fitness gym like you’ve never seen before.

The Workout

We bring together the energy, motivation, and contagious culture of a group fitness class with the attention and coaching of 1 on 1 personal training in an upscale boutique fitness gym.

Our Full body fat loss workouts are a split routine of boxing and strength training and designed for all fitness levels (no experience necessary).

So if you have:

  • 45 Minutes

  • 1 Beating Heart

  • 2 Fists

We’ll show you how to get lean, have fun with exercise, and fall in love with fitness!

Learn More

We’re Not Your Average Langley Gym, Group Fitness, or Boxing Class

Here’s a look at what we do…

Specialized Tear Drop Style Aqua Training Bags

  • Absorb the energy of the punch

  • Lessen the shock on joints

  • Makes you punch harder burning more calories

  • Fun and great for stress relief

Incorporating The Most Effective Strength Training Principles 

  • Progressive overload strength training with perfect technique is the ultimate fat loss tool

  • TRX suspension trainer

  • Bodyweight Training

  • Free weights

Burn Up To 48 hours Post Workout With The Afterburn Effect

  • Backed by science to be more efficient at improving heart health, endurance, and weight loss 

  • Modifications & Progressions where needed

  • Motivating you to step out of your comfort zone

Improving Your Lifestyle And Nutrition At Your Pace

  • Nutritional guidance and text support

  • Long term lifestyle focus

  • Precision nutrition habit based coaching

  • Accountability, motivation & results


Boxing & Strength Training Inspired
Group Fitness
19581 Fraser Highway
Surrey, BC

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