It’s not uncommon to hear people making excuses about why they can’t do things because of their age or how they feel.

And this is true, as we age our body does break down…

But we have discovered the fountain of youth, and if you decide to take action on our advice and with the blessing of a little patience, you will reap the rewards, fight father time, and be FIT OVER 40.

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How to Stay Fit Over 40:

1. Daily mobility
2. Eat low carb
3. Exercise at least 5x/week

Let’s quickly dissect these 3 points, so as that we can further convince you to take action.

Daily Mobility

Daily mobility is our #1 for staying fit after 40. If you don’t have full range of motion at a joint, you can not expect to be pain free. If you’ve spent the last 20 years sitting at a desk your body is going to start to assume that position (and that IS NOT the position the human body was designed for). If you can’t touch your toes, you can’t expect to not have lower back pain. Daily mobility is the key so that you can create the framework for your body to express pain free movement.

Don’t know where to start? Do a downward dog daily for 2 minutes.

Eat Low Carb

Eating low carb will help fight disease, inflammation, and help you lose body fat. There’s so much information out there about this and with nutrition, it’s 100% mindset. You either accept being in pain and eating foods that may not be helping your situation or you do something about it!

Exercise at least 5x/week

Your body was meant to move! You’ve seen the analogy on tv. If you only had 1 car in your life, you’d treat it amazing, so why should your body be any different? Don’t you want to see what you are physically and mentally capable of? It’s never too late to start!

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Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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