It's not uncommon to hear people making excuses about why they can't do things because of their age or how they feel. And this is true, as we age our body does break down... [...]

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Are You Chasing Weight Loss?

Are you chasing weight loss? Are you someone that has repeatedly had weight loss goals, achieves them and then 6 months later puts the weight back on? Or are you someone who always wants [...]

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The LV Afterburn Effect

No matter which Langley gym they are working out at, everyone wants to maximize their calorie burn so they can get the fastest possible results. We all know that old weight loss saying: exercise [...]

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Why choose this Langley gym?

If you're bored of the same old workouts, going to the gym with no motivation, and looking for more excitement and results then we want to introduce you to Langley's newest gym...LVFiT. But, we're [...]

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