Are You Chasing Weight Loss?

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Are you chasing weight loss?

Are you someone that has repeatedly had weight loss goals, achieves them and then 6 months later puts the weight back on? Or are you someone who always wants to lose weight but just can’t figure out how to keep that consistency?

In order to effectively stop chasing weight loss, we need to look at our daily discipline and behaviour because that is where the magic happens.

Discipline. It’s a lost art in a world of instant gratification.

Because discipline is delaying instant gratification for long term satisfaction.

It’s patience.

It’s setting a goal and seeing what’s possible.

So my question to you…

Are you just setting goals because you think it is something you want?

Ive been helping people with goal setting and weight loss for awhile now, and find that it doesn’t well for everyone… short term goals, smart goals, long term goals… you know that old story.

So I pose to you this question:

Do you really know what you really want and the reason why or do you just think you want weight loss because…

Instead of outcome goals like losing 40lbs, I think we should be setting behaviour goals like “I’m not going to eat bread anymore.”

Let’s create specific behaviour goals that are the crux of weight loss and determine our level of dedication from there.

Are you willing to commit to that?

Because if you want to lose 40lbs, you’ll need to create weekly behaviour that looks like:

  • working out 4-6x/week
  • not eating bread and other foods that are not conducive to weight loss – (you decide with 1 or 2 to start off with and build from there!)

You determine your level of discipline because when it gets hard, and you know its going to get hard, you ARE NOT going to cave in.

Its not a level of want, it’s how much you are willing to give up to make that happen.

And this sounds something like this:

  • I will not miss a workout this week no matter what.
  • I will not eat bread 7 days/week no matter what.
  • I will not cheat for 2 weeks no matter what.

Maybe that means you have to wake up early one day to get your workout in or prep on the weekend to eat healthy lunches.

It doesn’t matter what it is because you are committing to the process of doing it 6-7 days/week.

That means, even if you have a crazy travel scheduled or the kids are sick, or you had no sleep last night, you still do what you said you were going to do.

It’s making that promise to yourself. And not breaking it.

It is consistency to that process.

A process that truly creates the healthy habit.

As habits are what make us.

So get in the habit of making habits and your results will flow.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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