We’ve Moved!

It’s with great regret and heavy hearts that we’ve had to come to the decision to move LVFIT.

LVFIT has officially moved to 20530 Bypass #109, Langley, BC (just 5 minutes away from our current location and inside BEFIT).

We don’t take this decision lightly and have been working on it for months to ensure the future of our LVFIT family.

If you weren’t aware, BEFIT is our other gym that we have had for 12 years. With all the changes with covid restrictions in the past 22 months, we’ve been able to create an area of approximately 1700 square feet which will function as the perfect new home for our LVFIT gym and community.

It’s sad we’ve had to do this, but with this change comes many positives…

For example, with this move, you get an unlimited membership at BEFIT included in your LVFIT membership!

(BEFIT offers 64 timeslots/week- so it’s like getting 2 gym memberships in 1 or 3 workouts under 1 roof because BEFIT offers 2 workouts STRENGTH and SWEAT in every timeslot).

3 workouts

And so far things are going pretty good!

We’re looking forward to continuing your health and fitness journey in our new space and growing together.


P.s. Moving forward, LVFIT will be sending out newsletters and blogs through BEFIT. You can check out the BEFIT blog here.

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