Why choose this Langley gym?

If you’re bored of the same old workouts, going to the gym with no motivation, and looking for more excitement and results then we want to introduce you to Langley’s newest gym…LVFiT.

But, we’re not really a gym… We’re not a bootcamp. Not a fitness class. Not running on a treadmill for 20 minutes…

We are a 45 minute group personal training experience utilizing the 1-2 punch of boxing and strength training.

This is the fitness craze about to revolutionize Langley group fitness and we want you to share it with you!

Because boxing is not just for professionals or fighters anymore.

Whether you have lots of experience boxing or no experience, it’s great for anyone wanting to get in shape – from men to models to moms!

Like her…
langley boxing, langley gym

Because if you want to look your best…

– You have to strength train. 

 abbotsford fitness, abbotsford boxing

– You have to do high intensity interval training.

boxing abbotsford, abbotsford boxing classes

Your cardio or conditioning or interval training or whatever you want to call it will focus on boxing with our sleek and stylish water filled Aqua bags.

Kinda like this…

high intensity interval training abbotsford

aquabag, boxing

And because our bags our filled with water, they are easier on your joints. Easier to punch, easier to let loose, and get some stress relief.

Boxing is one of the best overall conditioning and cardiovascular workouts you can do. It also develops muscle. We’re talking that lean muscle, toned boxer look.

boxer, boxing, abbotsford boxing

Now who doesn’t want that?

Our workouts are scalable for everyone from beginners to veterans, everyone will have a great time, get a workout that is appropriate for them, and most importantly… see results.

Committed to your results,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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