TKO Challenge Recap

Last Saturday marked the end of our TKO weight loss challenge at LVFIT.

This challenge was designed to get you in fighting shape for summer combining our boxing and strength training classes with mindset work on your lifestyle inside and outside the kitchen.

And even though the challenge is over and summer is here… This is not the time to slip back into comfortable old habits.

We want to encourage you to continue with the accountability, so we will be continuing the bi-weekly weigh-ins to help keep you accountable through the summer and beyond.

Let us know if you would like to be added to this.

Now let’s check out some weight loss results!

Our Female Winner was Chelsey!
(Chelsey lost 17.2lbs and averaged 4.2 workouts/week)

tko challenge winner, weight loss

Here’s her story:
“I started my fitness journey at LVFiT as one of the Founding 50 members when the studio first opened in October 2018. I had been working out with Josh and Karen for a number of years and was excited to try out the boxing concept workout. In the beginning I was attending classes 3 times a week and eating clean 70% of the time. When the TKO challenge came out I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get in shape before summer. I committed to attending classes 4 days a week and eating clean 95% of the time resulting in achieving my weight loss goal in the first 6 weeks of the 12 week challenge. I went on to lose a total of 17.2 pounds! Thank you to Josh, Karen and Joe for their support and for always keeping the workouts fun and challenging. Also a thank you to my workout partner Devon who kept me accountable at the gym and on the weekends!”

Our Male winner was Dallas!
(Dallas lost 7% of his initial bodyweight and averaged 3.8 workouts/week)

Here’s his story:
“The combination of the strength exercises with the boxing really struck a cord with me.  With the help of my wife to get me back into a regular workout routine and the encouragement from the staff at LVFiT, I very much enjoy the experience.  I have definitely adapted my eating habits to some degree but not yet to where I want them, let’s put it this way, there are unopened treats in my pantry that normally would’ve been devoured by now.”

There was also a competition of who could do the most workouts over the course of the 12 week challenge.
Ashley took home the win with an average of 5.5 workouts/week (66 workouts out of a possible 80 days) and had some great results too! weight loss, 12 week weight loss

Here’s some more great results:

weight loss results

tko challenge resultsweight loss results

Here’s the group stats from the weight loss challenge:

  • Total participants 37
  • Total weight lost: 341.2lbs
  • Average weight lost: 9.2lbs
  • Average % of initial weight: 5%
  • Average attendance/participant over the 12 weeks: 3.5 workouts/week
  • Amount of individuals who lost over 10lbs in 12 weeks – 16

Our very own coach Joe Harper also got in on the challenge with 18.8lbs lost (7% of his initial bodyweight).

With the next challenge coming in the fall, this leaves a few months for us to reinforce the lifestyle you worked so hard for 12 weeks to cultivate.

A lifestyle that doesn’t leave you deprived and leaves room for indulgence on the weekend. A lifestyle with the majority of your week being full of positive nutrition choices. The 90-10 life. The 90-10 rule.

Because we are what we repeatedly do. And that is 90% of our week. (For your reference 90% of your week would be 6 workouts/week and approximately 3 unhealthy meals/week).

So keep bringing the effort to your workouts, to your nutrition, and even to your sleep…

And by doing this with mindful awareness, you will see the change you are looking for in your weight loss goals.

Thank you to everyone who put in the work over these past 12 weeks.

We look forward to your continued success,
Karen and Josh

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