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Frustrated with excess fat?
Sick of trying diets you never keep?
Bored of the same old workouts?
Tired of trying to do it at the gym alone?

Then we invite you to come experience a no strings attached month trial in our fun and positive group atmosphere.


Your First Month At LVFiT

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    This Is A Limited Time Offer!

    For The Low Price of $219 $99 Your Offer Includes:

    ✅ Unlimited Group Fitness Sessions Providing that Personal Training Experience

    ✅ Small Classes, Big Results

    ✅ Half Boxing, Half Strength, Energy @ 💯

    ✅ Appropriate For All Fitness Levels

    ✅ Access To Our Members Page Loaded with Nutrition Resources Including A Recommended Grocery List and Guide For Creating Meals

    ✅ Access To Functional Fitness Facility With Your Own Rack and Heavy Bag

    ✅ Access To Award Winning Personal Trainers and Coaches


    ✅ Reduced Fat:
    Our full-body workouts are designed to help you burn fat for up to 48 hours by triggering the Afterburn Effect!

    ✅ Stress Relief:
    Physical activity alone is pretty great at reducing your stress levels, 
    but add in the physical act of hitting something and you amplify the stress-relieving effects! BONUS You’ll be able to sleep better at night from lowered stress!

    ✅ ​Increased Energy & Mood:
    Physical activity is the best way to boost your happy hormones! You won’t only look better, you’ll FEEL better too!

    ✅ Great Workout Without Sacrificing Your Joints:
    Our Aqua Bags are designed to absorb energy 
    which means you can hit it with maximum force with minimum impact on your joints!

    ✅ Build Lean, Functional Muscle & Strength:
    Our workouts are designed to help you build functional strength. You’re not going to only LOOK fit, you’ll actually BE fit as well!

    A Guided No-Fail Path to Weight Loss and Improved Fitness

    “Over a better part of my 44 years, I have been overweight and unhealthy. From alcohol and cigarettes to fast food and sugar, overindulging and staying sedentary was my routine. After years of neglect, I finally went for a checkup. Diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol…the doctor basically said make changes or die.
    Enter LVFIT! Through a simple google search, I found LVFIT and decided to sign up for the two week trial. I recall being so nervous! My hands were trembling as I typed in my details. However, that paled in comparison to the sheer terror I felt walking in to the gym that first day.
    Within minutes of walking through the front door Karen put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Before the first session was even over, I knew LVFIT was for me. In other gyms, I felt out of place and almost embarrassed. The support I receive and the positive energy that surrounds this gym is immeasurable and off the charts awesome.
    LVFIT has been such an important part of my transformation to living a healthy lifestyle. All the instructors are like your own cheering squad, always quick to motivate and support. They are very knowledgeable on fitness/nutrition and always available for questions.
    15 months later, I have lost 150lbs, my blood pressure and cholesterol in check and type 2 diabetes is no longer an ailment! No chance that happens without Karen and the programs LVFIT offers. Forever grateful.”

    “This challenge was the kick start I needed to get health and fitness back into my life as a top priority.
    I set some realistic goals and decided that striving for perfection was useless. For me, that always leads to feelings of failure, and then self sabotage.
    I did not eat perfectly for 12 straight weeks, but I kept carbs low, drank less alcohol, ate smaller portions and worked out as often as I could – at least 5 workouts per week, but often 10. These are things I know I can do forever. Sometimes I didn’t have it in me to give the workout 100% but I showed up anyway and did the best I could. My mantra is ‘you never regret a workout you do, only a workout you don’t do’
    It must have been said thousands of times, but it is so true – consistency is key.
    It also really helps that Joe makes 530AM fun, and all the trainers and trainees at LVFIT are super friendly and encouraging! This is just my beginning and there is no end.”

    “First off, I would like to thank LVFIT and all the trainers. LVFIT is the best gym in town! This place has changed my life!
    I was very afraid for a big guy when I walked into the gym as I was always scared as I wasn’t sure if I knew the right technique, the right form to be able to lift and do the training properly. However, Joe, Grace, Karen and Josh all made me feel very comfortable from the first day.
    I want to say thank you to Joe for making the 530am classes super fun and entertaining and to get me going for the day as he knows I’m not a morning person. I used to think getting up that early that you must be crazy and now that I’ve done it’s not so bad it makes the day go by faster and makes you not eat the bad carbs as it makes you think twice about ruining your workout.
    Josh I would like to say thank you for the emails that you send out as they are motivating and help keep me in check with what I need to be doing with my food intake and the reasons “why” I choose to get in shape.
    I never thought I would have lasted this long and lost the weight that I did including maintaining my weight loss as I always enjoyed being a couch potato. Thank you to the LVFIT team once again for helping me achieve my goal!”

    “Words can’t express what LVFIT has done for me. It’s the first time I have felt so welcomed and makes you feel like family no matter what level of fitness you are at!
    I have been coming to LV for around 4 years and fell in love with the trainers and workouts right away. But this past 10 months have been the biggest shift for me. This is thanks to Joe for changing my mindset on my health and fitness and that there is alway going to be things in our life that you will think would get in the way but don’t cause being your best self will help you more in what is going on in life. Having him as a trainer by my side everyday has made me do the last 2 challenges and hit my 10% both times and beyond that supports my highs and lows with my health.
    Joe and the other LV trainers is what keeps me coming back everyday even at 5:30am. The fun during a workout, the push and the feeling you are always good enough no matter what. I enjoy waking up everyday and starting my day at 5:30am at LV and my gym family. What I have experienced these past 10 months has been life changing and because of this I am already looking forward to the next challenge!! As well as continuing my fitness and health journey.
    Who’s going to join me??
    Thank you for creating an environment of fun and inspiration for fitness!!”

    “My experience at LVFIT has been life changing!
    I feel like I have my own personal trainer at every workout.
    The trainers have been so helpful with every aspect of my journey. I have tried many other gyms over the years and nothing compares to the dedication you put into me and many others.
    I thank you all.”

    langley weight loss

    “Killer workouts, amazing coaches, incredible members, and a sweet greeter who offers fist-bumps every time you pass by. LVFIT isn’t just a place to be, it’s a place to belong. When I first joined the LV family, I hadn’t worked out in years, and I regularly ate my feelings. I knew I had to do something but struggled to find the motivation and the confidence. I was self-conscious and terrified to go to a gym where people would see how out of shape and overweight I was. My friend Stef is a go-getter – I casually mentioned that maybe I wanted to go to a gym but wanted someone to go with me. Next thing I know, I’m at her gym – just to try it… I was skeptical at first because I did not want to have to sign up for a class. I wanted the flexibility to drop in on my schedule. Making an obligation really put a damper on my ability to make excuses not to go! Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and encouraging! Before my trial was up, I joined a challenge. I did lose weight, but my ultimate goal for that first challenge was simply to keep going to the gym and make it part of my routine. When I first started at LV, I could not do a sit-up; I could not do a pushup; my “L” hangs were of the lowercase variety; I spent half the round trying to get my feet in and out of the TRX; and when Karen shouted, “core tight,” I thought to myself, how do you do that – everything on my body is tight BUT my core. I kept going and I got results. I’ve learned to recognize and celebrate little wins so little “slips” don’t cause a derailment. It can be the number on the scale, making it through a day on the reset diet, saying no to dessert, or showing up to the gym when I don’t feel like it. We all have our own story, our own challenges, our own stumbling blocks, and our own measurements of success. The LV coaches recognize this, and they meet you where you’re at. Good days, bad days, injuries, and personal bests. They know when to lift you up, when to dial it back, and when to push you forward. There’s a perfect balance of “great job, nicely done;” “maybe we should modify that;” and “so, what weights have you got there – is that what you’re using?” This community has a place for everyone. No matter what your age or fitness level. My husband and all of our kids have also found passion here, and a community that they want to be a part of. For my husband and I, this has become our “thing”– it’s our priority. It has given us a healthy activity to do together, where we are able to encourage each other and share in our successes and our challenges. In addition to the outstanding programming, the community, energy and camaraderie really help set this gym apart. Sometimes the social aspect can help motivate you to get to class even when your body protests. We don’t just diet. We don’t just work out. We LVFIT. Thank you to the fantastic coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with – Karen, Josh, Joe, Grace, and Irv. And a special thank you to Karen & Josh for the blood, sweat and tears you pour into LV to provide your members and coaches with a unique and amazing environment. You are a blessing to this community.”

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